Snow Black Rehearsals

by Akoustik Timbre Frekuency

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Nothing Here Now But Thee Rehearsals.
Moments of Intent kaptured for Release.
Aktions bound within thee Akashik Rekords.
Interwoven with Self through thee Movement of Time.

Due to thee limitation of equipment available for these performance rehearsals thee two pieces were kreated using only looped and layered rekordings of my Voice, Flute, Tingsha, Shamanik Rattle and Klapping.
I found this to be a refreshing change as I bekame more intimately konnekted with each of thee few Instruments I used, rediskovering thee range of sounds and frekuencies that kould be produced from each one.
Thee Special Bond was rekindled, almost a re-konsekration of sorts...

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency


released January 30, 2014

Thanks for thee konstant support to: André Consciência (Abismo Humano), Jindřich Spilka & Lucie Spilková (Druhá Smrt), M (Fecal Fetal), Coiled23, Thee Demonick Eremite (Viginti Tres Sæcula), Will Connor (Seesar), Madguten, Wooly (Colossloth), Marc Hoyland (Hoyland/Plaguewielder), Timur Iskandarov (Tamerlan/Ulug Khem), Edgar Kerval (Emme Ya), George Mensink (Kristus Kut) & Konchog Gyaltsen (Nam-Khar).



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