Abismo Humano vol. 1

by Abismo Humano Label

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Compilação Abismo Humano - Volume I

"Aqueles que vêm beber da taça negra vêm em busca dos seus anjos. Se têm medo, as velas acalmam-nos."

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released August 26, 2012

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Abismo Humano Label Portugal

Editora da Associação de Artes "Abismo Humano".

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Track Name: Delírios de Luz (Noctivagus)
Já não caminhas ás escuras
Tens a luz das amarguras
para compreender o passado
essa luz a teu lado, lado..

pois, pois é...
estás equivocado
pois pois é...
mentiras no pecado.

Julgados serão,
á espera do perdão,
abençoado foste,
uma luz na escuridão.

vislumbro delírios
vislumbro delírios na luz
vislumbro delírios
vislumbro delírios na luz

Na luz....

já não caminhas
ás escuras
ás escuras...
Track Name: The Wizard Way (Green Witch)
The Wizard Way by Aleister Crowley
[Dedicated to General J.C.F. Fuller]

Velvet soft the night-star glowed
Over the untrodden road,
Through the giant glades of yew
Where its ray fell light as dew
Lighting up the shimmering veil
Maiden pure and aery frail
That the spiders wove to hide
Blushes of the sylvan bride
Earth, that trembled with delight
At the male caress of Night.

Velvet soft the wizard trod
To the Sabbath of his God.
With his naked feet he made
Starry blossoms in the glade,
Softly, softly, as he went
To the sombre sacrament,
Stealthy stepping to the tryst
In his gown of amethyst.

Earlier yet his soul had come
To the Hill of Martyrdom,
Where the charred and crooked stake
Like a black envenomed snake
By the hangman's hands is thrust
Through the wet and writhing dust,
Never black and never dried
Heart's blood of a suicide.

He had plucked the hazel rod
From the rude and goatish god,
Even as the curved moon's waning ray
Stolen from the King of Day.
He had learnt the elvish sign;
Given the Token of the Nine:
Once to rave, and once to revel,
Once to bow before the devil,
Once to swing the thurible,
Once to kiss the goat of hell,
Once to dance the aspen spring,
Once to croak, and once to sing,
Once to oil the savoury thighs
Of the witch with sea-green eyes
With the unguents magical.
Oh the honey and the gall
Of that black enchanter's lips
As he croons to the eclipse
Mingling that most puissant spell
Of the giant gods of hell
With the four ingredients
Of the evil elements;
Ambergris from golden spar,
Musk of ox from Mongol jar,
Civet from a box of jade,
Mixed with fat of many a maid
Slain by the inchauntments cold
Of the witches wild and old.

He had crucified a toad
In the basilisk abode,
Muttering the Runes averse
Mad with many a mocking curse.

He had traced the serpent sigil
In his ghastly virgin vigil.
Sursum cor! the elfin hill,
Where the wind blows deadly chill
From the world that wails beneath
Death's black throat and lipless teeth.
There he had stood - his bosom bare -
Tracing Life upon the Air
With the crook and with the flail
Lashing forward on the gale,
Till its blade that wavereth
Like the flickering of Death
Sank before his subtle fence
To the starless sea of sense.